We are experts in the area of turning as well as milling. Our

HAAS HL-2 and Femco turning centers are capable of handling

work from 1/8 inch diameter up to 18 inches round. Our

customers in the medical and electronics industries are

particularly fond of our ability to quickly produce turned product. 

Utilizing our advanced lathe programming software, turnaround

times for connectors, barrels, piping and flange fittings is held to

a minimum. With the same attention to tooling as we give our

milling process and the rigidity of our turning centers, even

exotic metals and abrasive plastics are efficiently produced and

delivered to our customers. Our capacity allows us to turn

around quickly in lathe oriented products or to prevent delays in

producing assemblies requiring turned pieces in their


We have been been producing turned product for the life of our company and over that time have not just produced product, but worked with our customers to problem solve and increase our own productivity in an effort to meet our customers delivery needs and quality requirements.

BMC Technology Turning