Quality Assurance

BMC Technology is an ISO 9001

certified company.

Of paramount importance to BMC Technology and

our customers is the need to maintain and assure the

quality of the product produced and delivered. To

that end, our technologies maintain a state of the

art inspection department. From material

certification tracking, to first article inspection

through to exit verification, we maintain vigilant in

product quality to ensure that our customers

receive product to their desired specifications. Our

complete range of inspection and test equipment

and our full time inspection staff work constantly to

monitor product specifications and assist manufacturing personal to provide improved production and implement total quality management. With the utilization of digital CMM and if necessary in the case of surfaced product, laser scanned verification, we will ensure that our customers' products are to spec and free of defects. Our business rests with our customers trust in our ability to provide quality product and we take no short cuts.