We have strong capabilities in the field of milling. We have
invested heavily in machinery of large capacity in order to
meet the needs of customers searching for a vendor having
the ability to machine larger than average work pieces. Our
equipment ranges from our largest mill, having a
48" X 48" X 72" work envelope to our more standard
20 X 40 machining centers. This selection of machines is
suitable for jobs ranging from large plates to tall castings
and weldments. It is just one example of our commitment to
providing enhanced capabilities to our customers.
From our latest Haas high speed machining center to our
iron horse Matsura, BMC Technology has the machine to
meet your needs. A number of these centers are equipped with 4th axis attachments, and for the customer seeking an establishment capable of doing jobs outside the envelope of most shops, we provide the ability to surface machine complicated or difficult work pieces such as vacuum molds for packaging or patterns for plastic or fiberglass forming. Because of our investment in these advanced techniques, we remain very capable and competitive in the more standard forms of manufacturing. Our experience and abilities in advanced milling translates to our customers savings when it comes to more "standard" forms of manufacturing involving milling. BMC Technology utilizes the latest enhancements in tooling, fixturing and software to facilitate the efficient and most cost-effective avenues from concept to delivery in an effort to assist our patrons in meeting their targets in the marketplace.

BMC Technology Milling