One area where BMC Technology excels is in the area
of utilizing current advances in computer assisted
manufacturing and information transfer. To that end we
continually invest in systems, software and hardware. Our
manufacturing and planning departments utilize such
packages as SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Teksoft 2D / 3D CAD/
CAM systems. With the blitz of data exchange formats,
electronic design transfer, CAD packages and styles of work
grouping, it is imperative that your data be interpreted
correctly. Our IT department sorts through the customer
package for such items as references to industrial specs or
process specs to things as mundane as what's the material
intended for production. Correct production preparation
begins far from the shop floor at this firm.

For our customers convenience, we maintain DSL broadband links to the internet for the electronic transfer of models, blueprints and other forms of documentation.

Data transfer formats include:
STEP 203 & 214
StereoLith - SLA/STL
Microsoft Word / Sun Open Office
and many more

Computer Aided Design